Evaluating and quantifying physical AI

We are a B2B2C platform which evaluates and quantifies physical exercises with a musculoskeletal (MSK) approach using computer vision and artificial intelligence in real-time in order to improve people's lives through training and rehabilitation.
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A woman doing a squat with an inferred skeleton painted over seen from the side

Artificial Intelligence
In Real-Time

Our platform includes AR (augmented reality) objects to gamify the exercises.

Digitize image

Incoming images, captured by a camera device, are converted to setpoints in a 3D space.

Identify an action

Our algorithm recognizes a set of movements performed by the user.


Our system provides feedback to the user, in order to improve their posture and movements while counting the repetitions.

Pushing your brand toward new challenges

  • Training monitoring
    Our system allows the user to track their progress by counting repetitive actions per each routine.
  • Motion assessment
    Movement from the user is compared to a reference model, through a set of evaluation keys.
  • Anonymous data capture
    Our algorithms only store the set of points extracted from incoming images, without breaching the user’s privacy.
a tablet with improfit app open showing a girl exercising


Our system allows body tracking in real-time, and provides assessments that enhance performance improvement.


We ensure an appropriate recovery in order to validate and personalize scheduled musculoskeletal therapies designed by physiotherapists.

Our technology

At improfit.ai, we aim to use pioneering tools provided by artificial intelligence to identify and infer human behavior from people's movements. To do so, we are able to estimate the pose (position) of one or several people in a scene, through a set of points per human being, which follows an anatomical criterion.

The extraction, or inference, of these points, results in the estimation of the human pose, which allows us to identify patterns of human behavior.


Are there customized exercises?

We have a range of exercises stored, but if the user needs a specific one, we adapt to their needs.

How do we evaluate the exercises?

With the help of our algorithms, the images are compared with setpoint and a score from 0 to 10 is assigned according to performance.

Advantages of using Improfit

The system makes it easy to track your physical activity by counting the repetitions you do in your routines. It also allows you to see how identical the movement is to the reference model through an evaluation system.

How does Improfit work?

Through a device's camera, our algorithm converts the images into a map of points. Then, we recognise the user's movements and our system generates feedback so you can improve your posture and movements while counting repetitions.

Who are we?

We are a B2B2C platform that evaluates and quantifies physical exercises with a musculoskeletal (MSK) approach using computer vision and artificial intelligence in real-time; in order to improve people's lives through training and rehabilitation. In addition, our platform includes AR (augmented reality) objects to gamify exercises.

What tools does the end user need?

All they need is an up-to-date mobile device/computer/tablet with a camera, it's that easy!

Do you keep my videos?

No. Our algorithm only works with setpoints, without saving the actual images in order not to violate user privacy.

I am interested in a demo

Write us with your request and complete contact details to info@improfit.ai and we will contact you.

I have more questions

Write us all your questions to info@improfit.ai. As soon as we receive them, we will do our best to answer them.

Some of our projects

Futbolito Bimbo
Bimbo is the world's largest bakery company. Together with our partners AsDeporte, we created a gamified tournament to encourage children to exercise more. Through "smart training", participants followed their evolution and performance throughout a competition among themselves.
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Montreal School
In collaboration with a school located in the province of Quebec, Montreal, we created an exercise tournament to motivate students at the end of the school year. Students between the ages of 14 and 17 participated during the month of June to earn points in class.

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